IPR race products was founded by Ian Russell, former part owner of Vanell Products.

When Vanell Products closed in 2006 due to a partnership being disolved, Ian decided to start afresh in the business, whilst continuing to produce the same high quality products.

Ian has a 25 year history in the automotive industry, being a former Australian Drag racing Champion, and also worked in the industry for companies such as Superplus and Autobarn. Being a former racer himself, Ian realises the importance of using high quality products to achieve the best possible results.

Another previous business venture of Ian’s, “Russell Oil Pans”, still operates successfully today under Ray and George Haddad.

Vanell Products started in 1997, producing sheet metal valve covers for the racing industry and was very successful and well thought of within the industry until completion in early 2006. Vanell created a reputation for high quality products and service which has been carried over into IPR Race Products.

IPR Race Products is dedicated to producing the best quality race products available.



IPR Race Products

A: 114 Ryan Road Pakenham 3810

P: 0409 696 374

E: sales@iprraceproducts.com

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